Who Is RetVet?

Who is RetVet and what does RetVet mean?

RetVet stands for retired veterinarian. RetVet is Dr Jan A Bergeron, hence the domain DrBergeron.net.

I first registered drbergeron.net for a Web site to promote Web services for veterinarians. This was at a time when there were very few people providing these services. Over time, there were more and more providers of such services, most of whom were more skilled than I am. It became easier and easier for veterinarians to establish their own sites without my assistance, and the business died a more or less natural death.

Recently I became aware of WordPress as a Web site development tool and decided to resurrect drbergeron.net as a new site with a different look and purpose. I intend to use the site to publish observations on veterinary medicine, medicine, animals, politics, religion, and any other subject that I feel compelled to expound on, based on my observations of life in my state, country, or the world in general. In other words, this site will be eclectic, which is sort of like my veterinary career.